Chinese battery industry in April

In April 2020, China produced about 73,000 new energy vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 31% and a month-on-month increase of 41%; the installed capacity of power batteries was  about 3.60 GWh, a year-on-year decrease of 33%, and a 30% increase from the previous month.  The industry gradually resumed its normal… Read More »Chinese battery industry in April

Q &A with CATL

What is CATL capacity in 2020? The company’s production capacity in 2019 was 53GWh, and the announced production capacity under construction is 22GWh.  How will the CATL European battery factory in Erfurt, Germany be supplied?  The supply chain of CATL’s European projects will be a mixed model. Initially, Chinese exporters… Read More »Q &A with CATL

Ecopro – from recycling to battery materials production

Ecopro announced plans to build integrated battery recycling to cathode materials manufacturing plant in the Yeongilman Industrial Complex in Pohang, South Korea. Ecopro currently produces cathode materials, with its subsidiary EcoproGEM in charge of cathode materials precursors production. Ecopro plans also on establishment of joint venture with Chinese largest battery… Read More »Ecopro – from recycling to battery materials production

SK Innovation US battery plants

SK Innovation decided to commit $ 5 billion for investment in 2 US battery plants, including one under construction in Jackson County, Georgia, USA. A new plant will have 11.7 GWh of capacity, with construction starting in July and mass production in 2023.  With the investment in the second plant… Read More »SK Innovation US battery plants

Posco Chemical and vertical integration of battery supply chain

POSCO Chemical plans to invest in spherical graphite and cathode materials precursors production in-house with an aim to enhance cost competitiveness through vertical integration. Graphite is used for production of negative electrodes as a feedstock. Precursors are synthesized with lithium compounds to produce cathode materials for battery’s cathodes. At present,… Read More »Posco Chemical and vertical integration of battery supply chain

Impact of the new BYD blade batteries on separators market.

The three-layer co-extruded separators are applied in the new BYD blade batteries based on lithium iron phosphate chemistry. Three-layer co-extruded separators (a type of dry process separators) are characterized by several advantages: They do not require an application of ceramic coatings, what reduces the weight and thickness of the battery… Read More »Impact of the new BYD blade batteries on separators market.